Ponte Vista: San Pedro New Development

According to Donna Littlejohn of the Daily Breeze there is once again a stall on the development Ponte Vista.

Ponte Vista   means “Bridge View, And acknowledges the view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the horizon.

The project was first proposed eight years ago to solve the problem of what to do with the large parcel of land.

It’s been eight years since developer Bob Bisno first proposed the project he named Ponte Vista – which means “Bridge View” and pays homage to the Vincent Thomas Bridge that can be seen on the horizon from the hilltop. The project originally was a 2300 home planned community. Now it just keeps shrinking.

It is amazing that the city of Los Angles has such a difficult time approving development plans for an abandoned 62 +acres of prime San Pedro real estate . This property was once housing for Navy families. You would think they would be delighted with the improvement to the harbor town. And where else in Los Angeles can you find that many acres of prime real estate for development.

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