A Beach in Torrance?

Are you familiar with “Rat Beach”?  Not too many people, including some Torrance residents are aware of Torrance Beach, but it’s true. Torrance beach runs from the southern tip of Redondo Beach, south to Malaga Cove.

Right After Torrance (RAT) Beach is located along southern Santa Monica Bay in Torrance, California, situated on the city’s border with neighboring Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County.  The beach is a popular local surf, windsurfing, diving and spear fishing spot. The world famous giant kelp forests just off the coast offer great diving as well as spear fishing. The uncrowded beach attracts windsurfers and surfers, although the beach’s waves are not normally very big. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAT_Beach 

This is a beautiful section of beach, with wonderful single family homes, Torrance condos and apartments overlooking the beach and the Pacific. (“Rat Beach” meaning: Right after Torrance, or Redondo and Torrance Beach).  Its peaceful, quiet and has plenty of parking.

RAT Beach, located on the southernmost section of Torrance Beach, is a quiet stretch of sand that’s popular with surfers and divers alike. It’s usually not very crowded, and it can be quite beautiful with the towering Palos Verdes cliffs on one side and the urban sprawl of Torrance and Redondo on the other. 

All in all, it’s just a quaint spot that’s ideal for fishing, low-key beach getaways or a quick surf session. But given its idyllic nature, what’s with the unflattering name? Who put the “RAT” in RAT Beach?

Well it might come as a surprise, but that’s something that South Bay locals have been debating for years, and nobody can seem to agree on anything concrete. The short answer: No one knows for certain when the beach earned the name, but according to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors and lifeguard captain Mike Inscore, the most widely accepted answer is that RAT is an acronym for “right after Torrance. http://www.oursouthbay.com/r-a-t-beach/” 

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