Here are some surprising ways to save energy around your South Bay home:

1    If you place lamps in the corners of your rooms, the walls help to reflect light out into the room.
2    Use a laptop computer instead of a desktop. A laptop uses 1/3 less energy.
3    Dont switch to a plasma flat screen it uses much more energy than an LCD.
4    Put a blanket on your water heater and turn down the temperature a little. A water heater blanket can save anywhere from 4% to almost 10% on the average water heating bill.
5    Using an electric stove?  Turn off the burner before your finished cooking as the burner stays hot for awhile after you shut it off.
6    Spin laundry more. Let your washer spin the water out of the laundry, even if you have to  spin it twice, it will save energy use in the dryer. Some new washers can cut energy in half by eliminating the time required for the dryer to run.
7    Shut off your refrigerators ice maker and use an ice tray or two. A refrigerator ice maker increases your energy consumption up to 20%. When you use ice trays, there is no increase in energy use or costs.
8    Use your dishwasher, it uses 1/3 of the hot water that you would use if you washed your dishes by hand.

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