Banks are Foreclosing — Does this mean MORE inventory?

I just read this great article…

Most banks are servicing loans.  This list includes the percentage of underwater loans the bank has in FORECLOSED properties portfolio.  Check out this article to see who are the  7 Banks Foreclosing on the Most Mortgages!          

Banks still have homes to sell

Are you ready to buy?


This could mean that we will see more homes on the market in the next few months.
Do you agree?
If so, now is good time to connect with your lender to find out what price range you are qualified for.  Do you need a referral lender? Call or email me!
Once you find out what your price range is, let’s talk about neighborhoods that you would like to consider
Why not take advantage of the lower interest rates and lower prices?  You could become a homeowner in 2013!

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