Clown Alert from TUSD

In the past few days, many cities across the country have reported vague threats made via social media by a group of menacing clowns. Nationwide, law enforcement believe these online pranksters are simply trying to cause widespread mayhem with their non-specific and false threats. Though there is no mention of any particular schools in California, some of the online posts list Torrance and the South Bay in the list of several cities mentioned.

The District takes any and all threats seriously and we have been in communication with the Torrance Police Department (TPD) regarding these clown sightings. TPD is investigating and monitoring the situation. Additionally, TPD has alerted all School Resource Officers and they will increase patrols around our schools in the coming days as an extra precaution.

Parents, please speak to your students about the consequences of posting or reposting any threat of any kind online. It is essential they understand that making a threat, copying, or repeating a threat against any person or school is considered a criminal action.

If you see something, say something. If at any time you encounter a suspicious person (clown or otherwise), immediately call the Torrance Police Department. For emergencies call 911 and to report any criminal activity or suspicious behavior call the TPD dispatch at 310-618-5641.

Together we will ensure that our schools and our community is safe.


TUSD Administration

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