Coyote Awareness and Safety

Over the past several months, coyote sightings have increased significantly, in Torrance and in the surrounding region. It is important to take precautions and avoid contact with coyotes and other wild life. In an effort to help increase awareness within the community, especially for students who are visiting parks or other open spaces within the City, TPD is visiting schools over the next few months to help educate students on coyote safety and safety in general.

Please review the attached information pieces to learn how to, and NOT to, deal with a coyote you may see or encounter. Also, attached is a kid friendly coloring book, which parents can use to discuss coyote safety with their student(s).


Social media is a great way to stay up to date with late breaking news. Twitter, Facebook and NextDoor are great ways to get hyperlocal information.

If you see a coyote behaving aggressively or attacking someone, please call 911 right away. To report a coyote sighting please contact the Torrance Police Department immediately at 310-618-5641.

Coyote Brochure_updatedoct16.pdf


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