El Segundo’s Past Where Towers Now Stand

Patmar's drive In

Norman C. Marsh did not count on creating a motel/drive-in on the corner of what is today Imperial and Sepulveda. Marsh was a successful local musician and later would work with partner Howard Patrick booking local talent. Later the two decided to try opening a drive-in restaurant in 1939. They called it Patmar’s from a play on their two names.

One year later they added a 14-unit motel on the hill directly behind the restaurant.

Longtime resident Lora Bell told the El Segundo Herald in 1989, “It was the place to go back then. It’s where all the kids hung out and it was the last stop to get something to eat on your way home.”

The round building was purchased to be used for the  clubhouse for the  The Lakes at El Segundo. But there was way too many problems with the structure after years or ware and tear.

The El Segundo skyline, as seen from Sepulveda...

The El Segundo skyline, as seen from Sepulveda Boulevard (CA/SR-1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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