Exon, Safety, and Torrance

Torrance Unified School District
Media Contact: Tammy Khan
Public Information Officer
Phone: 310.972.6152
Email: khan.tammy@tusd.org

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As many of you know, in February 2015, an explosion occurred at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance. Since then, that portion of the refinery has been shut down and inoperable. Earlier this month, at a public meeting with the South Coast Air Management Quality District (AQMD), Exxon was given clearance to restart their operations. Part of the start-up may result in higher particulate matter emissions for a six hour period.

ExxonMobil will provide notification 48-hours in advance of the start-up on a date yet to be determined. The start-up will occur during non-school hours, between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Notification for the start-up will be provided via the Torrance Alerts system and door hangers. Door hanger notifications will go to residents in the vicinity of the Refinery. To receive notification from the City of Torrance regarding the Refinery start-up and other City related updates, please sign-up for Torrance Alerts by clicking on the link below:


Once the District receives the 48-hour start-up notice, TUSD parents will receive a second communication via email. The second notification will include more specific information regarding school activities. Please log-in to Parent Connect to ensure your email contact information is current (and is listed as the primary contact in the student record).

For more information regarding the ExxonMobil start-up, frequently asked questions, and other information regarding the February 2015 incident, please visit the City of Torrance website at www.torranceca.gov/refinery.

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