Hermosa Beach to Build Dream Park

A decade ago  Hermosa Beach parents started a grass-roots movement to improve South Park. Finally the park has begun a new transformation.The $750,000 renewal will take until August for a fully accessable – universal/wheelchair recreational area.

Besides just the typical swing sets, the park will include a community garden, built alongside the larger adult community garden,wired skeleton structures of homes will give kids the chance to imagine a fort, a teepee, a tent, even a cave, toward the top of the hill. A slide built into the side of the hill will give the kids a chance to ride down the hill from top to bottom. And natural elements will dot the entire park.

Some of the elements were designed by the children as part of a  Design Your Dream Playground contest  with View and Valley schoolchildren.

English: Hermosa Beach in the winter on Januar...

English: Hermosa Beach in the winter on January 15, 2007 Photographed and uploaded by user Strategy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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