All of us tend to get behind on the little things that need to be done around the house but when you are going to sell the house, and have open houses, you no longer can procrastinate and must get to work to get your South Bay Home where it looks appealing.


  • Keep the grass cut and flower beds trimmed, remove all yard clutter.
  • Weed flower beds, and replace dead plants with new ones.
  • Apply fresh paint to wooden fences, and make any fence repairs needed.
  • Tighten and clean all door handles, including screen doors.
  • Clean windows inside and out, and the screens also.
  • Powerwash home’s exterior, touch up paint or re do paint if necessary.
  • Ensure all gutters and downspouts are firmly attached and functioning.
  • Clean or paint the front door, and railing too if needed.
  • Buy a new welcome mat.
  • Put a large fern or plant at the front entrance.


  • Review the furniture arrangement in each room, get rid of any old clutter.
  • Clean and organize cabinets, closets and bookshelves.
  • Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans, and shampoo the carpets, wax floors.
  • Remove excessive wall hangings and knick-knacks and personal pictures.
  • Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps, and make any minor repairs that needs to be done. This includes replacing worn door and cabinet knobs.
  • Clean or paint walls and ceilings.
  • Replace broken tiles and fix or replace old or discolored grout.
  • Replace worn counter tops.


  • Turn on all the lights, and open all window coverings and shutters during the daytime.
  • Put new towels in bathrooms and new bedding in the bedrooms.
  • Set the dining room table so it looks elegant and inviting.
  • Keep pets secured outdoors, away from any potential buyers.
  • Replace old lamps or lampshades.
  • Light the fireplace and be sure the ashes have been cleaned out.
  • Play quiet background music, not rock and roll or hip hop.
  • Place some fresh fruit on the counter in kitchen, or some apple scents or vanilla scents.
  • Be sure that the property is vacated by everyone in the family during an open house.

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