Is Your Home Ready For a Flash Flood?

Many folks in East and Old Torrance found out if their home was ready for a flash flood recently. People all over the social media were reporting flooded intersections up to car windows. Homes that were flooded and for the lucky ones, only just their yards.

The rain came in a flurry, dumping several inches of water onto just the Old Torrance area. Other parts of the city and South Bay received little if any rain.

torrance floodSo are you ready for the next flood?

For those affected surely they wish they were prepared. There are some simple tips to consider to avoid any disaster.

  1. Upon inspection when purchasing the home, ask your contractor about any of the vulnerabilities to water damage. Get them named and fixed if possible. Discover slopes in the lot that may send water flow through your new property.
  2. Make sure you have adequate rain gutters and they are cleared of any debris. Make sure that they send the outflow away from the problem areas. For more information and prevention visit

Luckily we in Southern California are not typically prone to such emergencies , but prevention is a strong protector of your largest asset.

 Torrance Flooding


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