Let’s Update That Kitchen

Sometimes when we purchase a home, especially in areas such as older parts of El Segundo or say Redondo Beach or maybe Old Torrance. We purchase these homes knowing that the kitchen needs some updating or at least some TLC. The challenge is then is to find the money to make some changes. Well there are many small inexpensive ways to  jazz up a space without breaking the bank.

I suggest, as your first step, check out some magazines for ideas you can duplicate inexpensively. Here are some of my suggestions for you to consider.

1.    Change up your walls: Choose neutral like beige or gray.

2.    Brighten up the kitchen: Use mirrors. This can be very effective if you put the mirror across from a window. This also gives the illusion of a larger space. carol-mirrors



3.    Make seasonal changes: Try removing pieces of furniture and decorations for a lighter feel.
4.    Use slipcovers: Try using slipcovers over your dining chairs. carol2-chair covers




5.    Cookbook Display: Align them in graduating sizes. Or color is another option.

This is a great Idea from Juniper Books

This is a great Idea from Juniper Books

6.    Warm it up with rugs: Area rugs can add a splash of color and can hide a multitude of flooring problems.

7.    Bring the outdoors inside: Plants are always in. They soften a space and make your room warm. carol3-plants
8.    Change your look with accessories: A few new accessories can change your kitchen to dramatic!

9.    Change the cabinet pulls: There are so many different styles of cabinet pulls these days. You can install. This can make your cabinets look new. carol1-pulls

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