Louie Zamperini’s 100th Birthday Celebration

To celebrate Louie Zamperini’s 100th birthday, Torrance high School  students, faculty, staff and Senior Robert S., who wore a replica of Louie’s track uniform and held his shoes, gathered to take a photo on the stairs leading to the Senior Patio. We tried to spell out “LZ 100”. Louie’s children, Luke and Cynthia, are standing on either side of Robert and grandson Clay is actually right in the middle of the picture. Thank you to Lifetouch Photography for taking this memorable photo!

For those of you who don’t know, Louie shares a 100th birthday with Torrance High School. A Centennial Celebration is being planned for September 2017. Join our mailing list at www.TorranceHighCentennial.com to get information and updates of the activities that are being planned.

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