Message from the Desk of the Torrance Schools Superintendent

Dear Parents,

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There is a buzz all around TUSD since the passage of Measures T and U on November 4th! The Torrance community, once again, took initiative to invest in the education of Torrance kids by passing the two bond measures with over 60% voter approval. This is an especially exciting in the execution of our long-term plans to modernize and upgrade our facilities, a necessity in today’s constantly evolving technological environment. Measures T and U will enable the District to make improvements beyond those done by Measures Y and Z, which passed in 2008. The bond funds will allow the District to strengthen security at all our campuses, will bring our severely outdated technology into the 21st Century, and will provide our schools with such resources as science labs, new middle school gyms, will replace old lockers at the secondary schools, and at some sites new auditoriums. The bond measures will also allow the District to build a brand new aquatic center. For a more comprehensive and specific list of projects to be completed with Measure T and U funds, please go to

In other activities around our District, last month, schools once again participated in various Red Ribbon Week activities. Sponsored and supported by the Torrance Council of PTAs, this national program provides kids with an understanding of the health and life risks of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Every day for a week students took part in thematic days such as “Turn Your Back on Drugs” by wearing their clothes backwards and “Give Drugs the Boot” and wore boots to school representing their understanding of the dangers associated with drug and alcohol use. Parent Education nights were hosted by the Thelma McMillen Center staff at the high schools, during which parents were provided information on how to recognize drug and alcohol related behaviors in their children and resources to help them face those issue if they arise. The Thelma McMillen Center is a great resource for parents and school staff. Their current newsletter can be viewed at the link below:

As Superintendent, I take pride in knowing that at TUSD we care about the whole child. We develop programs to ensure students are not only receiving a high quality education, but that they are being given opportunities to develop their social and emotional intelligence as well.

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