Splatter Stopper
Whenever I mix 5-gallon buckets of paint with a drill and paddle attachment, I put the paddle’s shaft through a hole in a large cardboard square before attaching the shaft to the drill. Then I lay the cardboard directly on the container before turning on the drill. No splatters!

 Tidy Patio Joint Filler
Here’s an easy way to fill joints between pavers or patio flagstones: Simply take an empty screw-top wine bottle and punch a hole in the top of the cap near its edge. Fill the bottle with sand, mortar mix, or polymeric sand; screw on the cap; and pour the contents into the joints rather than on the pavers. There’s no waste and no cleanup.

 Photographic Memory Aid
When I’m taking apart something that I need to put back together, I take pictures at each step of the disassembly. Then I arrange the photos in reverse order to see step-by-step how to reassemble it.

Tire Reviver
Here’s a quick way to inflate any small pneumatic tire after it’s gone flat. Tie a rope tightly around the circumference of the tire, then use plumber’s putty to seal the edge where the rubber meets the wheel rim. Now you can pump up the tire and untie the rope. Simple as that.

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