Old Torrance #20 on Living Well Index

L.A. metro is host to 10 of the top 20 best large metro neighborhoods for living well. And Old Torrance is ranked number 20.

Old Torrance or Historical Torrance has many unusual opportunities for fine dining, and access to employment. While enjoying  some of the South Bay’s best schools.

Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade – May 16th, 2015

Our nation’s men and women of the military forces have defended our country, insured our freedom, and upheld the beliefs and principles that this great nation was built on. 

Just this past weekend the area enjoyed the 57th Armed Forces Day Parade which passed through the area from the heart of the Old Torrance shopping and ending near City Hall and the Mall.

2012 Torrance 53rd Annual Armed Forces Parade

The old movie theater where Wells Fargo stands today across the street from La Capilla

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