Selling your home or any real estate can be complex and sticky at times. That is why you have a real estate professional working with you side by side to help and give advise. Should you find yourself in a sticky situation, alert your real estate agent or broker, so he or she can address and remedy the problem right away.

When your South Bay REALTOR or broker puts your home on the market, generally all of the promotional materials will state clearly to not contact the homeowner, but potential buyers agents are to contact your agent, broker or REALTOR.

However, sometimes a buyer’s agent will contact the seller directly to try to either win over their business, or cut the seller’s agent out of the deal. This is not reputable or acceptable behavior and you should report it to your agent, broker or Realtor immediately if it happens to you.

When you sell your home, it necessitates all kinds of new purchasing decisions and less-than-ethical vendors are keenly aware of this. Though MLS organizations enforce rules on how posted information is used, some companies have found ways to cull information from various sources to produce mass mailing lists. If you find yourself regularly emptying your mailbox of junk, let your agent know.

People see yard signs, internet listings and other advertisements on your home and some potential buyers, especially first time buyers, will be so excited to see your home, they will just drop by and interrupt your schedule. If this happens to you, no matter how nice these unexpected visitors are, it’s best not to encourage their enthusiasm by discussing your home or anything about it, or giving an type of tour. Instead, you must let them know that your real estate agent, or broker is in charge of scheduling tours and then you provide them with the agent’s contact information.

If you attempt to handle these surprise visits on your own, you might disclose some information that could hurt you during negotiations down the road.

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