Quiet North Redondo Offers Great Values in Homes

An area of the South Bay that is hardly talked about as have some great home values is the North Redondo Beach area, often referred to as The TRW tract of homes.

This area is not new and was originally developed in the 1940s to help solve the home shortages created when the thousands of people migrated to California to work in the aviation industry followed by the thousands of service personnel who came here after the war, many working in the new aerospace industry at the start of the 60s.

Today, homes in the area will range from about the mid $500, 000s upward to as high as close to $1M depending on size, age, etc. This is a popular area especially for new and growing families due to the extra large yards the homes have, excellent school choices, parks and the close by beaches. It is much like it was originally with quiet street, large mature trees that line those same streets, modern shopping areas and of course it’s close location to the freeways. While the usual type of duplex properties are not often found in the area,  many North Redondo homes have permitted guest homes or rooms attached to garages towards the rear of the property, with much of the original large yards still available.  You won’t find condominium or town home complexes here, nor will you find many apartment buildings.
Ideally located just east of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, the areas of North Redondo Beach offer more affordable housing options than it’s neighbors to the west while still offering excellent schools, proximity to the beach, charming neighborhoods, entertainment and shopping options, great restaurants and cozy cafes, and closeness to the freeways. A great area for retirees, professional singles and a fantastic place to settle down for new and growing families.

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