Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach, California is a famous historical beach resort city located 20 miles south of the City of Los Angeles, on the south end of the Santa Monica Bay. It has been a prime, preferred resort destination for more than 100 years and is one of the most desirable areas to live in the nation. It’s location makes a highly desirable place to live and the concentration of large corporations and well known companies makes it a great place to find employment opportunities in just about all known employment categories and job descriptions.

The schools in Redondo Beach are award winning and highly regarded by education professionals everywhere. The city has its own police, fire and public works departments, two modern libraries, over fifteen lush green full service type parks, many smaller neighborhood parks, a commercial harbor which includes King Harbor, a large recreational public harbor, a very large private craft port, the Redondo Beach Pier, the Seaside Lagoon which is a public salt water swimming area, and, of course a beautiful white sand beach and world famous surfing beach.

Redondo Beach is the home to many famous corporations. Many responsible for defense and aerospace R&D and production including TRW, Northrop Grumman Corp., North American Aviation and many others.  There are wonderful modern shopping malls and centers, along with a vast mix of specialty shops, restaurants, fine dining, hotel-motel and tourist service businesses, and quaint shopping type villages located throughout the city.

The Redondo Beach Pier has an array of casual eating establishments along with fine dining options, fresh fish markets and areas where you can catch your own lunch or dinner, great entertainment options, arts and cultural activities and events, outdoor recreational options, senior facilities and activity options, award winning schools and more. UCLA and USC are just a few miles north, with other higher educational options available in the area.

The beaches in Redondo Beach are wide and clean and offer some of the finest swimming, boating, fishing and surfing in the entire state and nation. Whale watching is a popular pasttime in the city during certain times of the year during migration periods. With Santa Catalina only 26 miles across the bay, Redondo Beach is famous for its boat rentals and other water sports activities.
The homes in Redondo Beach range from single family homes located in beautiful neighborhoods a few blocks from the water to multi-million dollar single family homes and condos located right on and along the entire beach. Green rolling hills leading up to the Palos Verdes hills on the south side of the city are home to wonderful all American type single family homes, sitting on winding streets that not only overlook the city, but the beaches also. You can look up toward the northern part of the bay to see all the way to Malibu and beyond. Inland a little, you can find beautiful condos, town homes, single family homes, duplexes,  triplexes and apartment complexes in all sizes. This is a family oriented town with a varied selection of homes and places to live, at budget prices that will fit all budgets and needs.

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