The South Bay area Los Angeles, has fifteen incorporated cities plus portions of the City of Los Angeles and unincorporated portions of the County of Los Angeles. The area is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the south and west, and generally by the City of Los Angeles on the north and east. Its called the South Bay because it is located on the south end of the Santa Monica Bay.

Because of its location, with the Pacific Ocean at its backdoor, LAX and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the South Bay area is prime real estate because of these transportation hubs.

The real estate throughout the South Bay area is highly desired and sought after. This is a beautiful part of Southern California and most of the real estate is made up of beachside communities like Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, and El Segundo. There are many other cities that are all located within a few miles of the Pacific Ocean and beaches.

The South Bay area is not only a beautiful place, but it is also a geat place to live, work and vacation, which accounts for the thousands of tourists that visit the South Bay each year.
You can find a diversity of homes in the South Bay including single family homes, estate homes, hillside and waterfront homes, condominiums and townhomes, cottages, duplexes and beautiful apartment buildings. Many of the homes in the South Bay that are going on the market for sale, often sell before they can be advertised in the newspapers. The South Bay homes real estate market has always been, and continues to be very hot. Demand remains very high for any South Bay homes for sale.

The South Bay home buying market is hot, but the South Bay selling market is just as active. Often, there is a shortage of homes on the market for buyers. South Bay prices are rising again with many homeowners unaware of just how much their homes are increasing in value.

Commercial properties in the South Bay continue to be hot also, whether it’s land, new, pre-owned or undeveloped, there is always a demand for good location business property.

With the diversity and great selection available in residential homes in the South Bay, you can find just about the perfect home for you and your family and at a price to fit your budget.

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    • Carol says:

      Thanks Dr Renfrew for referring to my post about the South Bay area of Southern California. There are many different neighborhoods within each of these cities to explore. Each has their own uniqueness and that’s what makes the South Bay — and the weather! — so great!
      If you know anyone moving to this area, I would be happy to help guide them through their home purchase. Check out my web site,

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