Staging Tips From the Experts

We asked staging experts to give us some one liner staging tips since we are getting close to summer and hopefully a better pickup in Torrance real estate sales.
Here are several for you to choose and get-to-staging:

  • One owner of a staging business says she uses natures bounty to help her stage her clients homes.  Twigs, branches and seashells are just some of the items she likes to decorate with.
  • Another Lady who owns a staging company says she uses those little flat furniture movers and saves time and money with no floor scratches and she can do it all herself.
  • Another Professional Staging expert says her IPhone is the key because she can get all the comps and other info she needs, fast.
  • A Professional staging expert in Oregon says the key is to create ambiance, no matter what type of property you are staging.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  1. *Create a focal point in the house.
  2. Pick out the most visible corner in the house and put a large plant there,     with a spotlight behind it.
  3. Set up a chat room for conversation and have entertainment too.
  4. Don’t leave any carpet “dents” showing.
  5. Use the outdoors by bringing in many plants and flowers.
  6. Put stoppers in all the sinks and drains, whether the home is vacant or not.

And the list goes on and on. Common Sense and a little scrubbing, and cleaning and re arranging will usually do the trick.

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