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The Green Store in Hermosa Beach to Close on August 31st

I guess all good things must end at some point. How many of us have spent the day at the beach in Hermosa on 22nd street? Most of us long time residents have spent many a day (and nights) at 22nd street and Hermosa Avenue soaking up the sun and getting soft drinks and food and whatever we needed at the Green Store on the corner. The Beach Reporter has reported that the Green Store will close its doors for good on August 31st after being there for us for over 30 years. The store’s green facade and hand-painted signage offered groceries, wine and beer and has welcomed Hermosa Beach residents and visitors to the laid-back mom and pop beach lifestyle for more than 3 decades. The store was always filled with children buying candy, soft drinks and groceries. It has served several generations of Hermosa Beach residents. The current owners bought the store 32 years ago. The store has had declining sales and rising costs in recent years and have been loosing money in its operation. Its sad to see it go, but Hermosa Beach is changing as is all of the South Bay, an Continue reading

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Hometown of Hermosa

Where else can you find a beautiful beach, great surfing, scenic coastline, warm year ’round weather, unique shops, award winning schools and a diverse selection of wonderful single family homes, condos, townhomes and apartments and all located in the highly sought after South Bay?

Hermosa Beach represents the best in Southern California living and the essence of the California beach lifestyle. Hermosa is located right in the middle of South Bay active living, but has the feel of a small hometown.

Those activily searching for a new home can find beautiful homes ranging from affordable to upscale expensive in this popular surf town. Soft rolling hills overlooking the Pacific and across to Catalina Island, have winding, clean streets with older and newer Hermosa homes, cottages, condos and townhomes in all prices.
One visit to Hermosa Beach will convince you. Continue reading

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A Smile is a Frown with an Upturned Curve

Did you wake up with Grumpy? … marine-layer skies; pull the covers over your head? OR did you wake up with a SMILE on your Face? Either way, your ATTITUDE about yourself and those things happening around you, is what … Continue reading

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Hermosa Beach Volleyball Is Where Its At

Everyone is familiar with the great Volleyball tournaments in Manhattan Beach and how this sport has spread all over the globe in recent years with people in every part of the union playing beach volleyball. I just watched some player in Iowa playing “beach volleyball”. Well Hermosa Beach is also known for its great volleyball playing and part of it is due to the vast width of the beach in Hermosa Beach. Continue reading

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