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IT’S LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION (when dealing with any real estate)

Where you decide to buy a Hermosa Beach home or any other South Bay house, the location not only affects the homes current value but also affects future value, your standard of living and your lifestyle. It’s important that you be direct with your real estate agent or broker about your preferences with regards to neighborhoods, amenities, schools, parks, etc.

Some important factors that you should carefully consider and communicate to your Realtor are the following:

Location: rural, city, urban, or suburban
Your commuting times for you and your family. This means for work and schools and commuting to the conveniences that you are used to. Shopping, entertainment, gasoline stations, post office, etc.
What school district are the kids going to be in. Check out the district and how the schools score statewide.
Get a list of all desirable neighborhoods in the community or city that you want to move to.
Proximity to restaurants, entertainment, parks, recreation centers, banking, and retail shops, grocery stores.
Proximity to transportation hubs: Airports, trains, buses, and major highways.
Proximity to medical offices and health care facilities.
How long do you plan on living in your new home? If your real estate agent or Realtor is aware of your plans, he/she can research growth trends, and planned developments in the area that might affect your lifestyle and overall standard of living. This could affect your return on your investment dollar over time. Continue reading

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Small But Mighty – Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is only 15 blocks wide, east to west, and 40 blocks long, north to south with Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) running almost right down the middle. Hermosa means “beautiful” in Spanish, and Hermosa Beach is just that, a beautiful little city. It has flat, sandy beaches that are ideal for sunbathing, volleyball and surfing. The beach here tends to be wide and great for sand sports. The Travel Channel has named Hermosa Beach as “one of the Top 10 Beaches” in Southern California. The Hermosa Beach pier is located at the end of Pier Ave. and has great entertainment options, nightspots, bars, lounges, and restaurants. The residents of Hermosa Beach are living the true California beach lifestyle and lovin’ it.

The housing options in the Hermosa Beach real estate market are diverse with some great real estate bargains available in just about all of the different neighborhoods too.

West of PCH, there are mostly single-family homes with some apartments and condos. East of PCH, on the gradual hilly slopes you will find middle class and upper middle class neighborhoods of more custom type single family homes. There are many multiple housing options in this area also. Hermosa Beach real estate options consist of single-family detached homes for sale, estate properties, condominiums, foreclosures, land and townhouses near the beach. Hermosa Beach is a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family. There are residences on the Strand, bungalows scattered throughout the town, and multilevel homes in the hills with ocean views. Hermosa Beach offers a variety of Southern California options for any lifestyle.

There are many corporations and various industries in Hermosa Beach including professional, scientific, management, administrative and waste management services, educational, health and social services, manufacturing, information technology, finance, insurance, real estate and rental, and leasing, and of course beach and surfing related businesses. Continue reading

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No amount of decorating can make a Hermosa Beach house feel like a home without using the right accessories. The correct accessories can be the icing on the cake – the touches that transform a space into a unique and personal reflection of its inhabitants.

Good planning and some basic knowledge about decorating is essential when adding any accessories, for any occasion. You can also make your own accessories. This is a fun way and a cheap way to add some style to your home. For example, things like curtains, pillows and other items made up from any fabrics will soften a room and add comfort to a home.

Many good books on the subject are available and are recommended whether you are new at this or an old pro. Books that cover floors, furniture, doors, windows, furniture arrangement, using flowers and bouquets, painting ideas, tools required, tips and many other ideas are available, as well as the going labor costs if you have to hire outside help. Continue reading

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Hometown of Hermosa

Where else can you find a beautiful beach, great surfing, scenic coastline, warm year ’round weather, unique shops, award winning schools and a diverse selection of wonderful single family homes, condos, townhomes and apartments and all located in the highly sought after South Bay?

Hermosa Beach represents the best in Southern California living and the essence of the California beach lifestyle. Hermosa is located right in the middle of South Bay active living, but has the feel of a small hometown.

Those activily searching for a new home can find beautiful homes ranging from affordable to upscale expensive in this popular surf town. Soft rolling hills overlooking the Pacific and across to Catalina Island, have winding, clean streets with older and newer Hermosa homes, cottages, condos and townhomes in all prices.
One visit to Hermosa Beach will convince you. Continue reading

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Hermosa Beach Volleyball Is Where Its At

Everyone is familiar with the great Volleyball tournaments in Manhattan Beach and how this sport has spread all over the globe in recent years with people in every part of the union playing beach volleyball. I just watched some player in Iowa playing “beach volleyball”. Well Hermosa Beach is also known for its great volleyball playing and part of it is due to the vast width of the beach in Hermosa Beach. Continue reading

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