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New Home Sales Sored in June

June new home sales soared across the nation to it’s highest levels in 5 years according to the U.S. Commerce Department. Sales across the country rose almost 8.5% over Mays sales. Overall sales have risen 38% in the last 12 months making the biggest annual gain since January 1992.

Housing sales have been instrumental in the nations economic growth and overall health. While new-home sales make up only a small portion of the market, each home built creates an average of three new jobs and spurs more spending at furniture stores, moving companies, home improvement stores, hardware and of course, helps keep the real estate business successful. To these companies you have to add escrow, title companies, appraisal companies, mortgage finance companies, landscapers and architect companies, and all the construction trade companies involved. Continue reading

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Four South Bay Woman Honored for Their Years of Service

Congratulations ot Honorees Janet Smith, Anita Javitt
These women and two other Palos Verdes Peninsula residents, Jane Jones and Dorothy Lay, will be honored May 5th at the The Yellow Vase in Palos Verdes Estates.

It is so refreshing to see woman who give back to their community. Thank You Ladies for your many years of service.

The full article can be read in the Daily Breeze.com March 3 post. Continue reading

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The Good Life in San Pedro

One of my favorite places to visit and to go to some great restaurants is the little community of San Pedro sitting on the eastern slopes of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This is a great community with beautiful single family homes, some large estate type properties, condos, town homes and some smaller and older type cottages. Many of these homes are overlooking the harbor and beyond.

The neighborhoods are clean and family oriented with parks and good schools. The downtown area offers a diverse selection of shopping options, dining and entertainment. This is an old and historic town with beautiful cliffs along the ocean, sparse beaches and and wonderful vistas.

Real estate in San Pedro is among some of the best buys taking into consideration the gentle hills and views that overlook the ocean and the harbor. Prices here will range anywhere from around $200,000 and go up to around $2M, depending on type of home, size, age and location.

San Pedro has homes, condos and town homes that are priced cheaper than any other city in area that is located on the Pacific Ocean. The atmosphere in San Pedro is wonderful. Continue reading

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Lets go on a Picnic in Palos Verdes

My whole family has been wanting to go on a picnic, but away from home, or the beach area. When I asked my neighbor about good places to go on a picnic, she suggested that we head up to to Palos Verdes. Palos Verdes? I guess not too many people think about Palos Verdes as being an area to have a picnic at, however not too many years ago, that area of the South Bay was not populated like it is today. You could drive for miles winding around hilly roads lined with tall trees and wild vegetation of all sorts. The roads were even dirt in some areas. Around the late 1950s, new Palos Verdes homes started to sprout up here and there and little by little more and more people moved into the beautiful area. Today, you can drive around the hill to the other side that looks out toward Catalina Island and you can still see where Marineland used to be. Its really worth the time to visit the whole hill and see the history there, including the old lighthouse, and some of the other famous places over toward the San Pedro side. Continue reading

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