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Looking ahead: Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in San Pedro

Acrobatic performers will be featured under the 66ft. high Blue and Yellow big top, embodying the spirit of amphibians, Native American Hoop Dancers and a figure from outer space called the Crystal Man. The two and one half hour show opens Oct. 11 in San Pedro, at the Port of Los Angeles with the performances scheduled through Nov. 10th. Check it out at Berth 46, 3011 Miner Street. Tickets run from $50 up to $150.
Then show travels to the Orange County Great Park Festival Site in Irvine beginning on Nov. 21. The entire show will move to the Santa Monica Pier on Jan. 17th. Continue reading

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San Pedro’s “Ports of Call”

When San Pedro’s “Ports of Call” renovation is complete, It may not be called “Posts of Call”. The LA Waterfront Alliance fears that the Brand will continue to foster memories of the this rundown retail area. This writer believes it would all depend on the marketing. The developers need to do their job at marketing and the name can remain the same. Why break the a tradition. Continue reading

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Ponte Vista in San Pedro — Is this the one that will work?

Ponte Vista, a planned community to be built on the old Navy Housing land on Western Av, may be coming back to life after seven years on the chopping block.   A new development team is proposing 1135 or 830 … Continue reading

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San Pedro: a Peaceful and Quiet Community

Today, the City of San Pedro is a quiet bedroom community that sits overlooking the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach at the south east side of the Palos Verdes hills. Because it is located beside the blue Pacific Ocean, with it’s own ambiance and unique personality, people are drawn to the community due to its somewhat convenient location to downtown Long Beach, and to strategic areas of Los Angeles. The San Pedro real estate properties are diverse for sure and consist mostly of older single family homes down closer to San Pedro’s downtown area, and newer condo complexes, large estate type homes in the quiet neighborhoods located on the hillsides overlooking the town and the harbors. Some land parcels are still available for development, as well as many upscale town homes. Much of the area of the community is overlooking the harbors and is made up of these diverse residential neighborhoods. Residential properties are priced according to age, size, type, location, amenities, etc., and range in price starting from about $200,000 and go up well over the $2m mark or higher for some of the bigger estate sized homes in the hills.

In years gone by, San Pedro was a wild sort of town, with plenty of U.S. Navy Sailors, whorehouses, hookers, bars and booze. The community has changed over the years to what is today; a more refined and upstanding proud community of middle class Americans, living in a quiet peaceful setting and enjoying life to the fullest.

There is plenty of action and things to keep you busy when visiting the town, including Ports O’ Call, a village designed in New England style. Numerous restaurants, cafes, chic shops, many ‘one of a kind’ type shops, national brand retail outlets, entertainment, night clubs, bars and other conveniences that you can find in a modern city. You can take boat excursions around the bay, day trips to Catalina Island, or helicopter tours that go all over Southern California, depending on the time of year. There are also several museums and numerous historic landmarks to visit. Because of its great location at the end of the Harbor (110) Freeway, you are just minutes and a few miles from downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium and all famous Los Angeles and Southern California attractions. Continue reading

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