The Gold is in Southern California Real Estate

Writers have written many stories over the years that deal with everything from housing and employment, manufacturing, technology, small business environment and even faith based investing. When manufacturing firms, business executives and entrepreneurs get together and discuss the economy, there is one thing that all agree on. That subject is how hard it is to do business in California. Manufacturing companies tell you that they are overburdened with regulations, environmental mandates and costly fees that keep going up.

Most all entrepreneurs will complain about the high cost of living in California.
We all know that all of these things are true. This is not the easiest place to live or to do business. You are pretty much left with what brought everyone to California in the first place–the promise of living near Herb Alpert!

Getting serious, what you are left with is the great weather, the ocean, the mountains, world class universities, enormous business opportunities and our constant focus on the hard wired climate of innovation. There can be no doubt that California truly is a place where beauty and innovation abound. We have the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena where technological wonders are created daily. We have Hollywood, where you have film and TV industries with enormous influence over the entertainment field. We have a unique lifestyle, fashioned after the Southern California way of living, the beaches, local mountains and ski resorts like Mountain High, Big Bear and Snow Summit.

English: An aerial view of the Jet Propulsion ...

English: An aerial view of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, California and the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The residential options here are more expensive, but look what you get, along with the home. Yes, listen to their voice when you tell them that you only live a few miles away from Herb Alpert.

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