The South Bay Is A Great Place To Go Green

Green homes have come a long way in the last few decades, and building a green home is quickly shifting from an “alternative” way of building to the mainstream…and it’s only growing greener. According to research conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics, in partnership with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in 2015 nearly one third of home builders (31%) report that they are currently doing green builds for more than 60% of their projects, and over half (51%) expect to be doing that level of green building work by the year 2020. In addition, over 80% of builders expect that by 2020 more than 16% of the homes they build will be green housing. Plus, in addition to new green homes there continues to be enormous growth in the amount of green home remodeling work that is being done too.

A good of friend of mine sent me the following email the other day:

She said, “I am realizing that I am spending less and less time in my car than what I used to.  Virtually everything I need is almost within walking distance of my home, which is close to the beach-front. Shopping is a breeze downtown or at The Village Shopping Center up on PCH and Marine Avenue. Upscale stores like Macy’s and other national retail outlets are available as are specialty shops and many one of a kind chic shops.

We have wonderful fully equipped parks, many with tennis courts, basketball courts and other recreational facilities. Even along the beach the park areas with grass, restrooms, etc. for the pleasure of whomever ever wants to use them. They are well manicured and very well kept and have lush green lawns and trees for that summertime needed shade. I can ride my bike to work and don’t need my car to go shopping; “I think I am going to get rid of the ole gas guzler, I am going green all the way ! “

It is becoming more and more easier to go green with our cars and homes.

Here are some ideas:

  • A hybrid or electric vehicle, or even no vehicle. I have many friends that get around by Uber or Lyft only.
  • A water friendly lawn, or synthetic lawn.
  • Low Flow through the house.
  • Water sparing trees.
  • Go solar.
  • Know your city recycle bins and schedule.

Some ideas in the form of guilt from house beautiful.



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