How The SuperBowl Win Started in Hermosa Beach

Seattle Seahawks Training at "The Yard" in Hermosa Beach

Seattle Seahawks Training at “The Yard” in Hermosa Beach

It seems that Russell Wilson, the now famous quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, brought 22 of his teammates who play offense for the Seahawks to Hermosa Beach for a 6 day spring workout. The site was The Yard. This is a converted 1940s post office which has innovative training equipment and old-school aura.

Lets be clear: NFL offenses don’t usually work out together in April 2013 on a beach hundreds of miles from the team facility. The players came from all over the country. There regimen consisted of lunging, sprinting and skipping across Hermosa’s notoriously soft sand. This challenged the players’ lower bodies in ways many of them hadn’t experienced. And then there was the weight training circuits designed by Subin, owner of the The Yard, and the weight training was tweaked based on feedback from the players. Their meals were catered by a health food shop up the street. After lunch they would make a short drive to the field-turf at Mira Costa High School, where Wilson would throw to 20 receivers, backs and tight ends who would catch. everyone would be on time, work and then leave the campus at 2pm sharp. All was done with great planning, efficiency and teamwork.

And this is how The winning of the Super Bowl began in The South Bay.

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