Torrance City Solves Their Biggest Complaint

Wilson Park, in Torrance at sunset.

Wilson Park, in Torrance at sunset. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Torrance will spend nearly $1.5 million more than it does today on streets and sidewalks over the next year in response to increasing public complaints about the crumbling condition of its infrastructure.

“Most (city) roads are 10 years beyond their life expectancy,” Mayor Frank Scotto said. “That’s why you’re seeing a lot of potholes, because they are 10 years past when they should have been fixed.”

The slow response to the crumbling streets and sidewalks has been blamed on lack of funds from the Great Recession.

Business is better and it is claimed that Torrance is collecting extra permit fees from the redevelopment of Del Amo Fashion Center, and money has been freed up from the repayment of a $6.5 million loan.

Torrance workers fix the street and sidewalks in Old Torrance.

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