Torrance Rose Parade New Year Float

Torrance Float Concept 2016

Torrance Float Concept

“What a Purr-fectly Paw-ful Adventure”

The City of Torrance Rose Bowl float concept The “purr-fectly” tranquil setting of this colorful City of Torrance neighborhood, with a manicured backyard lined with bright and cheery sunflowers and white-picket fence, suddenly becomes a CATastrophic adventure. The cat’s humorous antics get him in a “paw-ful” situation as he climbs a tree, gets stuck, and needs rescuing. The zany backyard dishevelment unfolds before wide-eyed birds perched high in the tree as an oblivious guard dog lazily naps.

The Torrance Fire Department comes to the “rescue” with a ladder truck, living up to their Class 1 rated fire department standards, and adds to the fun. Actual City of Torrance fire-fighters man their equipment and ride upon the float. The City of Torrance, in a humorous way, proudly salutes their Fire Department and pays homage to each member that so proudly serves the City and its citizens.

Materials: The fuzzy texture of the cat’s fur has been creatively crafted in orange marigold, cream and gold strawflower petals. Blue sinuata statice confetti and crisp white coconut chips create the feathers on the birds. The dog is decorated in gold and brown flax seeds with details of dried cranberry leaves. Astonished and wide-eyed eyes are decorated in black seaweed, green split peas and white sweet rice. The fire truck is covered in whole red carnations, yellow strawflower confetti, black onion seed with silverleaf and eucalyptus leaves to simulate chrome.

Crisp white coconut flakes are used to create the white picket fence with oversized sculptured sunflowers created in yellow strawflower petals with centers of solid Mercedes roses. The tree has been crafted with malaleuca bark and fresh salal foliage. Colorful floral gardens of alstroemeria, lisianthus, lilies, waxflower, iris, roses, gerbera, solidago, heather, monte casino, liatris, and tulips line the lawn of freshly grown soil-less fescue grass. Delphinium, the City of Torrance “official” flower is featured.

Torrance, the eighth largest city in Los Angeles County, competes globally through its myriad of assets: diverse residents, flourishing businesses and safe communities. Torrance has something to offer and share with everyone. Torrance’s unique “hometown” spirit and community pride continue to thrive because of continuing traditions like their participation in the Rose Parade. Community activities instill a sense of pride because they are carried out by thousands of enthusiastic volunteers.

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